Park Circus Film Noir Blogathon — Obscure Noir: New York Confidential (1955)


In 1955, five years after they penned the first-rate noir D.O.A., writers Clarence Greene and Russell Rouse offered up another winner with New York Confidential. This seldom-seen noir features a truly stellar cast – including Broderick Crawford, Richard Conte, Anne Bancroft, J. Carroll Naish, Mike Mazurki, and Barry Kelley – in a fast-paced, hard-hitting story about organized crime in New York. It’s my favorite obscure noir gem.

The film opens with a series of shots of New York City, and the narrator tells us that NYC is the heart of the financial world, the greatest port on the face of the earth. But it’s also “the nerve center of an organization that controls crime throughout the country . . . whose fingers dip not only into vice, murder, narcotics, but whose tentacles reach into gambling, the waterfronts – that corrupts and intimidates the world of sports. Here, in…

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